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Software world is always changing. There are new trends, coming in everyday. Old trends that have now better approaches. New problems to be solved. Old problems, never solved, that now have the right tech to be answered. Old tech that now brings the answers. New buzzwords. Old buzzwords. Languages, paradigms, styles, frameworks, architectures, patterns, methodologies, principles….

Do you feel your brain already? I sure do! With all this knowledge that we, as Software Engineers, are to keep up with! Keep and update at all times! Making sure that we are really of the software!

What if there was a plan, a roadmap, that we could consult at any point and see where we are and where to go? As professionals to have a systematic view on a step by step approach on how to evolve and what is worth tackling? …

How to stop being the new kid on the block

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After writing the article

I was confronted with a set of questions, that wrapped up, translate into:

“But then again, how to become a successful Software Engineer? So many topcs…where to start?”

This is more than fair. If I tried to put up the what in a structured way, in the previous article, then I clearly see the void on the how to do it if you are new to the Software Engineering world and there is so many to tackle.

I have experienced this struggle many times in my professional life. Might have been because I thought from daily work my learning opportunities were close to 0, or because I was overwhelmed with so many topics I needed to tackle from scratch, or the project was so demanding I entered work/rest/repeat mode and did not had the energy to invest in additional digging outside work. …


Joana Carneiro

A passionate Software Engineer, focused in the craftsmanship process of software. Have worked with many technologies, working with companies around the globe.

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